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The DecentaDAO organization is driven by the Governance Forum (Snapshot Space) and uses vDNA to approve Decenta Improvement Proposals (BIPs). This process is designed to ensure that proposals are widely discussed before being pushed up the chain, and all vDNAs in the marketplace can be used to vote on the BIP or delegated to Decenta protocol politicians to vote on your behalf.

Governance mechanism

-Proposal Stage

DecentaDAO Ideas and Drafts

DecentaDAO Improvement Proposal (BIP)

On-chain voting (snapshot)

Governance Process

1、Community creation of BIP.

2、Community evaluates the BIP, collects feedback and improves the BIP.

3、The community signals the proposal for implementation.

4. the founding team implements the proposal and submits it to governance.

5. governance evaluation.

Implementation Phases

Phase 1: Ideas or Drafts

Anyone can participate in the forum or Discord and vote on improvements.

Key Points

Primarily used for opinion gathering and feasibility discussions.

There is no requirement to define specific adjustment parameters.

1.1. Rules

Discussion period: 3 - 7 days

Minimum number of supports: 10vDNA

1.2. Status

Active: under discussion

Completed: It was moved to the next stage.

Not passed: It is closed due to insufficient community support.

Phase 2: BIP

The DecentaDAO Improvement Proposal (BIP) is the second step in the DecentaDAO governance process

BIP Key Points: The BIP needs to identify specific implementation parameters or options

2.1. Submitting the BIP

Please refer to the template when submitting the BIP in the Governance Forum.

2.2. Maintaining the BIP

During the BIP discussion, the creator needs to collect different parameters or scenarios and update them in the BIP and create voting options for the different parameters or scenarios

2.3. BIP rules

Duration: 3 - 7 days

Minimum number of voters: 10

2.4. BIP status

Active: BIP is under discussion

Implemented: The BIP has been implemented.

Failed: The BIP is closed due to insufficient community support.

Phase 3 Snapshot Voting

The parameters or solutions defined in the BIP will be finally decided by snapshot voting

Phase 4 Implementation

For accepted BIPs, implementation will begin according to the steps outlined in the proposal.


For emergencies, the DecentaDAO development team has the right to go directly through phase 2.

DecentaDAO governance continues to move towards decentralization. Community members can now not only create BIPs, but also vote on-chain. decentaDAO is in the hands of the community, and the votes of vDNA holders determine the future development of DecentaDAO.

We invite those eager to participate in the discussion of any of these concepts to join our Governance Forum or Discord, as readers like you will shape the Decenta protocol of tomorrow.

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