⛑️Why choose the Decenta Protocol?

As the crypto market scales, the emergence of derivatives is inevitable. However, it will undoubtedly wait until the critical challenges of liquidity efficiency and engineering, pricing accuracy and information gaps in derivatives are properly addressed.

NFT Options can provide a variety of investment strategies based on releasing the liquidity of NFT spot assets, combining options into the NFT market, and providing investment strategies that NFT spot assets cannot provide;


An NFT call/put options model can be provided. Diversify the portfolio of options strategies for favorable gamma and delta.


An incentive-compatible design makes instant hedging of NFT assets without NFT fragments feasible.


A hedging tool that enables on-chain permissionless exercise of options on each NFT.

Automatic pricing

The first NFT option premium pricing system to efficiently extract option value.


Make bids and asks at any time, and exercise call or put options instantly.

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